We created this range of single serve Asian meals for busy, on-the-go people who love food but lack time. To give these meals the authentic taste of flash-fried Asian food with a perfect balance of flavours and textures, we cook them in our special woks, incorporating fresh seasonal produce and various types of noodles and rice.

Green Chicken Curry

Our version of one of Thailand’s best-known curries, this green chicken curry is made with tender chicken pieces, Thai herbs and coconut milk. It combines the fire of green chillies, the zest of kaffir lime and the salty tang of fish sauce.

Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng translates as simply ‘fried rice’ in Indonesian and Malay. One of the most popular dishes in the region, our version is wok-fried jasmine rice flavoured with chilli sambal and kecap manis and Indonesia’s thick, sweet soy sauce.

Singapore Noodles

Inspired by the street food of Singapore, our chefs have created an authentic hawker-style dish of noddles, chicken, egg and vegetables wok-cooked over a high heat with a light and mildly spiced Singapore coconut curry sauce.