Our ongoing focus is product innovation and
continuous quality improvement.

We enable our clients to attract consumers with affordable, high quality fresh
and healthy ready-to-eat meals. These are readily available at supermarkets,
convenience stores and service stations.


Quality is paramount at Jewel. But most important is the consistency of that quality. We work hard to ensure consumers have the same great experience each time they eat our meals. We aim to create meals that are as close to homemade as possible. That means using exactly the same ingredients as you’d find in your kitchen cupboard or fridge at home, most of them sourced fresh locally.



Safety is an integral part of our culture at Jewel Fine Foods. Food safety and people safety are our number one priority. From the farm gate to the dining table, we ensure that quality standards are applied at every step of the food journey. Ingredients are sourced from reputable suppliers, and food safety and OH&S standards are rigorously followed in our factory.

Community & Sustainability

Sustainability is a key pillar of our strategy and we work hard to reduce waste for landfill by minimising packaging. We support suppliers with best-practice farming and agriculture techniques. This includes paying a fair price to our Asian spice suppliers so we can contribute to the sustainability of local farmers and producers.



A lot of love, effort and skill goes into the making of our food. For us, it’s about intuition and creativity, as well as innovation and technical precision. We have a team of award-winning chefs with experience in high-end hotels, large restaurant groups, and major food manufacturers. They take inspiration from the latest local and global food trends to come up with new ideas. We then refine the recipes until they fulfil our high standards for quality, taste and nutrition.